Thursday, October 29, 2009


I went over to Mavericks last night to see Dog Day and Attack In Black. Well, mostly Dog Day. When I saw Attack in Black at Zaphod's in November 2008 I recall liking them, but not as much as Dog Day in December 2007, also at Zaphod's. Anyway, as good and great as those performances were, they were put in the shade by last night's awesome effort.

The first band on was Currents, a quartet formerly known as Killing For Friday. I thought their music sounded like heavy post-rock with soft-to-shout vocals. I can see them sharing a stage with a wide range of acts without anyone scratching their heads over why: They had some of Dog Day's heavy propulsion. As it happens they're playing again tonight with Assembleme, Farewell Cool Reason and To The Rescue at Cafe DeKcuf.

Currents at Mavericks
Currents at Mavericks, October 28, 2009

Last time I saw Dog Day, I said of their music "It's very melodic but with an aggressive edge. I've heard comparisons to My Bloody Valentine and Sonic Youth mooted here and there, but can't agree." I don't remember taking any drugs that night, but now I'm thinking I might have been hitting the cold capsules a littler hard, because I definitely heard both those acts in their sound last night. I stand by saying they were very propulsive and remind me of New Order, though. Like last time their show was dynamite.

Dog Day at Mavericks
Dog Day at Mavericks, October 28, 2009

Last time I saw Attack In Black, I thought they sounded pretty good, but they were nowhere near as fiery then as they were last night. They were recording this show for a possible live album, and told the crowd they should shout whatever they want for posterity. "Penis!" yelled a woman in the crowd. "Is that the best you can do?" replied Daniel. The crowd demanded and received an encore performance of Cave-In. Here we have the brothers Romano.

Attack In Black at Mavericks
Attack In Black at Mavericks, October 28, 2009

It was all so good I had to buy a CD from everyone except Currents (and that was just because they were giving their one away).
  • Show reminder: The Hidden Cameras and Gentleman Reg play Babylon; White Cowbell Oklahoma, rock monsters Iron Giant and the Sal Piamonte Band are at Mavericks for some good, clean, wholesome entertainment. I'm not sure I want to know what Bart-Man, Super-Joe and Purple Turtle are doing at The Rainbow. East of Gatineau and Andrea Simms Karp play the Elmdale House. Minto, Dave Norris & Local Ivan and Loon Choir are at Zaphod's. Devin Johnstone is at the Avant-Garde.

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