Monday, January 30, 2006

This, that, and the other thing

Jan. 27 was definitely what you call a mixed bill: You had DJ Pho, Mantler (a solo performer of melancholy piano pop) and former Local Rabbit Ben Gunning's garage-fusion.

First, a picture of DJ Pho. You can tell this show took place at the Avant-Garde Bar because of the ever-present Depeche Mode video playing behind him. (Also in silhouette, because I like that kind of thing.)

Hands down winner for sartorial splendour, Chris A. Cummings, aka Mantler. All through his set I was trying to think of who he reminded me of, but the best I could do was Roger Daltrey singing Robert Wyatt tunes.

Ben Gunning chipped in some guitar later in the set.

It was a diverse entree; more Gunning later.

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