Monday, March 18, 2013

The song remains the same

If there's one thing Ottawa is missing right now, it's Bacon Fat. The monthly outing at Mugshots was quite a treat for fans of greasy rock and music under the stars. Apart from the change in the weather, show arranger Sylvain has also decamped for New York. Perhaps some forward-thinking soul will take it over. Hopefully someone who throws Television into their DJ ses like the previous proprietor. Here's a quick snap of Sylvain - taken under the condition I not tell him I was taking his picture - with projection above by Matt Trudel.

Sylvain Lajoie at Mugshots

Now on to the opening act ... Male Nurse! Davey does get around, doesn't he? And doesn't the brickwork make a nice backdrop?

Male Nurse at Mugshots

Let's not forget the tree.

Male Nurse at Mugshots

Fisheye action!

Male Nurse at Mugshots

And one more.

Male Nurse at Mugshots

No doubt he'll be spotted again shortly (wait, did I say that the last time?).

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