Friday, March 08, 2013

New bruises

Pressed is certainly keeping up a busy entertainment schedule these days. Last night the Bruised Tongue folks had Cold Warps and New Swears in for their tape releases, and tonight it's Crusades and Solids. The place was just about packed, and the crowd was about as rambunctious as you'd expect when the Fun Boy Club House crowd is involved ...

At least this time they kept their pants on. Also, Wolfgang played guitar for this outing.

New Swears at Pressed

Scru Bar goes surfing!

New Swears at Pressed

Things were just as crazy for Cold Warps. I've been big fans since they played at the Gaga Weekend in 2010; they were sounding a bit punkier this time around.

Warped action!

Cold Warps at Pressed

Dominique sings!

Cold Warps at Pressed

Things got so moshy I finally retreated to the back of the room. Expect more of the same tonight (hopefully with fewer crowd-surfers grabbing the noise-abatement stuff hanging from the ceiling - we really don't want it ended up coming down on someone's head).

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