Thursday, December 08, 2011

Redheaded stranger

I'm a huge Neko Case fan, so naturally I went to see her perform last night at Bronson Centre. This was a no-photography event, so I'm just going to decorate it with a shot from her Bluesfest set two years ago. I's not like she's changed much.

Neko Case at Ottawa Bluesfest 2009

She does like the zip-up athletic sweaters, doesn't she? This show was kicked off by Lucy Wainwright Roche. Lucy is off course half-sibling to Rufus and Martha, and the daughter of Suzzy Roche of Roches fame. She gets her talent from both sides of the family and there was plenty on display. She likes to introduce her songs and is quite amusing, regaling Ottawa with tales of brotherly postcards, dates that ended up in the ER and other song-inspiring moments.
As for Case, she was in great form and quite ebullient. In addition to the folks she had with her at her Bluesfest set, she was joined by John Covertino of Calexico on drums - oh, and Kelly Hogan was on hand this time as well. The band previewed three new songs slated for the next album and they all sounded good. The show hit a few rough patches, but all together it was 90 minutes of great sounds.

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