Friday, March 04, 2011

By a hair

A few months ago I caught Yukon Blonde at Mavericks. Good show! They seem to roll through town with some frequency, and yes, they're back at Mavericks again tonight.

Yukon Blonde at Mavericks
Yukon Blonde at Mavericks, October 27, 2010

Also on the bill are The Paint Movement and The Gallop. If you like your music a bit crustier you can go to the Rat's Nest (a.k.a. 279 Flora St.) and enjoy the dulcet tones of Annoize, Spilt Guts and Stale Cum. The Face Of Jam, Arms Of The Girl and Calan Walker perform at Zaphod's. Rudeboy skas it up at the Elmdale House. JW-Jones and his band are at The Rainbow.

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