Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Thorns and weeds

Back to The Rainbow, this time for a less eclectic line, since both The Jimmyriggers and Shannon Rose and The Thorns could be loosely described as Americana acts.

Last time I saw Shannon Rose and The Thorns was in November 2007, when she performed a strong folk-influenced set. This time around she was missing a couple of Thorns due to stomach flu. "But Steve is my husband, so he had to come," she told the audience. "It was this or the couch," Steve noted. The band's plan this year is to release four EPs, one per season. Winter is already out, and rehearsals for Spring begin in short order.

Shannon Rose and The Thorns at The Rainbow
Shannon Rose and The Thorns at The Rainbow, February 22, 2011

When I heard The Jimmyriggers online I thought they sounded like The Cash Brothers. The vocals were a bit more roughhewn live, mostly due to a case of bronchitis striking lead singer Andre Kirchhoff. Otherwise, very strong country rock for folks who like the Jayhawks and suchlike. They were releasing their new CD I Stand In The Weeds, and stretched out a bit with a reconfigured cover of The Rolling Stones' Connection, which also features on the album.

The Jimmyriggers at The Rainbow
The Jimmyriggers at The Rainbow, February 22, 2011

A nice way to spend a Tuesday night.
  • Show reminder: The Sam Ferguson Band and Edison's Art perform at The Rainbow; The Sean Kemp band plays The Elmdale.

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