Friday, February 18, 2011

Stuff to do February 18

Well, not only do I not have any new photos, I don't have anyway of uploading old ones (*@$#! drive!). So this morning's show preview features the lovely and talented Critical Convictions, performing at last year's Gaga Weekend.

Critical Convictions at Yogi's Meatlocker
Critical Convictions at Yogi's Meatlocker, June 12, 2010

They're playing a house show at 443 Kent St. alongside BoneBlack, Ensorcelor and Nightmare Reality. Also treading the boards tonight are Rich Aucoin, Ennuie, Life In 2D and Pete Samples at Cafe Dekcuf, Watter Brothers, Ornaments and Those Gulls at the Elmdale Tavern. Hamilton, shown below performing at Caafe DeKcuf earlier this year, also have a show.

Hamilton at Cafe DeKcuf
Hamilton at Cafe DeKcuf, January 15, 2011

They'll be at Zaphod Beeblebrox with Third Place and Remember The Fire. Big Jeezus Truck and The HoBo Outlaws will be performing at The Rainbow. Here's them Truckers at Zaphod's:

Big Jeezus Truck at Zaphod Beeblebrox
Big Jeezus Truck at Zaphod Beeblebrox, December 1, 2010

Finally, we bring you a message from Al The Yeti Bones (of Gypsy Rock Goliath), who also operates The Yeti Agency with Mia Tyler (daughter of Aerosmith singer/American Idol judge Steven):  
"One of Canada's most energetic rock bands and biggest kept secrets, known as The Polymorphines have traveled to Austin Texas this past week to record their upcoming album with famed producer Tim Kerr (of Poison 13, Big Boys and Monkeywrench, among others - A.C.) and engineer Mike Vasquez of Sweatbox Studios (The Damnations TX, and 70's garage rockers The Fleshtones). The Polymorphines couldn't have picked a better place to record this new album. Once the tracking is complete, they will be embarking on a 12 date U.S tour, seeing them through cities like Austin TX, New Orleans LA, Florence AL, Baltimore MD, Washington D.C, New York NY, and all the way back to Toronto for Canadian Music Week. You can also follow The Polymorphines tour blog at"
Is this an excuse for me to post another Polymorphines photo?

Polymorphines at The Rainbow
The Polymorphines at The Rainbow, December 13, 2009

Yes ... yes it is. Their Canadian Music Week show is March 9, should anyone be down Toronto way.

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