Monday, February 22, 2010

Hurry on Sunday

Last night I popped over to The Rainbow to see The Face of Jam, Ornaments and Advocate. I hadn't heard of Advocate (just as well, since they couldn't make it), and had only seen Ornaments in show listings. I had however taken a listen to Face of Jam's music while writing up a show reminder and remembered being intrigued. The crowd was what you'd expect for a Sunday night with three local combos, just family and friends, but everyone seemed to be having a very good time.

The first band in the bill was in fact a trio Youth and Asia, whose members hail from Toronto, Leamington and Stittsville. This is the band to check out if you like Jonathan Richman. Singer and guitarist Charles actually sounds a bit like Richman, and the tunes have the same kind of offhand charm as The Modern Lovers' own, though the guitar sound is much cleaner.

Youth and Asia at The Rainbow
Youth and Asia at the Rainbow, February 21, 2010

Face of Jam are appropriately named. They like to jam, and look like a band who likes to jam. By the end of things drummer Pat was insisting they play "an actual song." They sounded like a heavy, early 1970s power trio while they were sound-checking. Their actual songs are a bit more diverse, and a cover of The Beatles' I Want You (She's So Heavy) was also heard. This is a fairly atypical photo since bassist Lucas and guitarist Adam had switched instruments for the last couple of songs.

Face of Jam at The Rainbow
Face of Jam at the Rainbow, February 21, 2010

Ornaments finished the night off. I was trying to think of an appropriate band to compare them with without much like. It's guitar rock, and it absorbs a fair part of the gamut from garage to grunge. A bit of Pearl Jam, a chunkier Wedding Present, perhaps?

Ornaments at The Rainbow
Ornaments at the Rainbow, February 21, 2010

All the bands seem to have a fairly busy schedule coming up; Ornaments will be at the U of O's 1848 Pub in early March (I'm not entirely clear if it's on the first or the third) and at the Cajun Attic March 17, Youth and Asia are playing at the Ottawa Outdoor Recreational Centre February 28 and at 1848 March 27, while Face of Jam will be at the Elmdale April 27.
  • Show reminder: The Queers couldn't make it, but pop-punk will still reign supreme at Mavericks with Off With Their Heads, The PG-13s and Steve Adamyk. Tide Hollow, The Fays, The Laurentides and Songs From A Room are at Zaphod's. Apolotik and Nicolette Lagace perform at The Rainbow. 

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David said...

March 1st at 1848 for the next Ornaments show! :-)