Friday, January 01, 2010

Once more round the bend

There goes 2009 (and good riddance, as far as I'm concerned) and hello 2010. I figured I'd celebrate the new year over at Babylon since it's been a while since I've seen the three bands on stage and my right foot is playing hob so a long walk over to Bronson Ave. was not something I cared to contemplate.

First up were Lords of Vanier, playing their annual show with a short set of hard rock that sounded a lot like the Double Pumpers with a bit more NWOBHM in the mix. No surprise since two of the members are also in the Pumpers.

Lords of Vanier
Lords of Vanier at Babylon, New Year's Eve 2009

Famed cinephiles The Empiricals held down the middle slot with their usual snappy and melodic tunes. They promise a new album in the coming months, although they apparently don't yet know what to name it. (The film is Sonny Chiba's The Bodyguard, incidentally).

Empiricals at Babylon
The Empiricals at Babylon, New Year's Eve 2009

Ukrainia! finished the night off with a set of rocked up traditional Ukrainian tunes and some seriously readjusted numbers from Black Sabbath, Heart and Iron Maiden. There was some enthusiastic and overenthusiastic dancing, as is to be expected from a Ukrainia! show.

Ukrainia! at Babylon
Ukrainia! at Babylon, New Year's Eve 2009

Hilotron Mike Schultz joined on accordion for a few numbers.

Ukrainia! at Babylon
Ukrainia! at Babylon, New Year's Eve 2009

Fun stuff, though better enjoyed if you can actually move both feet without feeling like you've got a stone in one boot.
  • Show Reminder: The Frank James Experiment is at The Rainbow; I think everyone else is off sobering up.

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