Saturday, December 19, 2009

Rings and things

I(heart)music once again trawled the indie stratosphere of Canada for a show of three up-and-comers. Locals The Balconies are already well on people's radar screens, but Parlovr was new to me, as was was Diamond Rings. I'm going to assume the show sold out, since even for a frosty night Cafe DeKcuf was quite packed. The crowd was even pretty thick for the opener.

Diamond Rings is the dance-pop project from the D'urbervilles' Johnny O. It's super-hooky pop with some occasionally tough-sounding guitar riffs. Johnny also drastically reconfigured Sebadoh's On Fire as melodramatic piano pop. A very fun set. He promises a record in February or March.

Diamond Rings at Cafe DeKcuf
Diamond Rings at Cafe DeKcuf, December 18, 2009

Parlovr were also very energetic. They remind me a bit of Ottawa's own Fucked Corpse (during that band's earlier days) in some of their frenzy.

Parlovr at Cafe DeKcuf
Parlovr at Cafe DeKcuf, December 18, 2009

The Balconies finished the night off with a typically great set. I think they may have kicked things up a notch in response to the two openers' bouncy performances. Jacquie Neville's voice was sounding particularly good, I thought.

Balconies at Cafe DeKcuf
Balconies at Cafe DeKcuf, December 18, 2009

They'll be back in town for a show at The Black Sheep Inn February 26 with The Golden Dogs.
  • Show reminder: The much-lauded Ketch Harbour Wolves, Murder Ford Monument and Hotshotcasino play Zaphod's; Jack De Keyzer is at the Rainbow; Manpower, Remi Royale, Thunder Uncle, Slo Tom and The Handsome Devils and Major Entertainer Mike H provide "Season's Beatings" at Irene's. There will also be the final (and well, only) competition for this year's Manadian Idol. There's evidence of the Danzig version on this blog somewhere. In 2009 The Sex Pistols get the treatment. I'm working, so no wonder The Rotters Club Reunion with The Action and Target 21 is being held at the Elmdale.

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