Friday, December 25, 2009

Not a creature was stirring

My one day off this week is Christmas Eve, so my show-going options were limited ... fortunately the folks at the Rock'N'Roll Pizza Party have no respect for the Baby Jesus and continue misbehaving no matter what else is supposed to be happening on a Thursday. I actually popped into Atomic Rooster at 10, the alleged but obviously not real starting time, and the bar's regular clientele already had their fingers in their ears. Thus encouraged I went home to continue watching Korean vampire flick Thirst (which was quite entertaining, albeit no Let The Right One In) and returned in time to catch The Girlfriends set (and their extended search for a working microphone).

I was communicating with guitarist Nigel earlier this week, and he mentioned that Sammy was going to be playing some bass. I believe his words were something on the lines of "we like to change things up so we don't start fires". They dressed for the occasion, then undressed for the occasion. Also, they had buttons and lollipops.

The Girlfriends at The Atomic Rooster
The Girlfriends at The Atomic Rooster, Christmas Eve 2009

Mother's Children began and finished with The Little Drummer Boy, and sandwiched some of their ace power pop in between. They too dressed up for the occasion, though only Davey rocked the beard and saw it through to the bitter end. They also dedicated a cover of Run, Rudolph, Run to soon-to-depart Allie Hanlon from White Wires.

Mother's Children at The Atomic Rooster
Mother's Children at The Atomic Rooster, Christmas Eve 2009

The Girlfriends are going to be playing again this Monday with Get A Life Losers and The Barstool Layoffs at Zaphod Beeblebrox.

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