Saturday, September 12, 2009

It's all relative

Last time I was at 443 Kent Street for a show, it was Calum Marsh of Mocking Music who had assembled the evening's lineup. This time around it was his housemate Daniel Kaunisviita, last seen on this blog playing guitar for HI_COMM, summoning the musicians.

First up were local trio get a Life Losers who kicked off with some awesome Piper At The Gates Of Dawn style psychedelic rama-lama.They got a little more raucous from there, sounding like The Modern Lovers gone bananas ... some of which may be due to the overheated PA system. Anyway, they sounded really great, particularly considering this was only their second show. They're playing another show at Leaky Pipes at 636 Somerset Street September 19 along with a bunch of other cool basement psych and Bruised Tongue adherents.

Get A Life, Loser at 443 Kent Street
Get A Life Losers, 443 Kent Street, September 11, 2009

Next up were Cousins, who also sounded great - they reminded me a bit of Ladyhawk, partially due to Aaron Mangle's distinctive, yearning voice. He's also garnered a few Chad VanGaalen comparisons, perhaps because the band's debut Out on Town is really a one-man show. Call it lo-fi noise-folk-pop - it really sounded super.

Cousins at 443 Kent Street
Cousins, 443 Kent Street, September 11, 2009

A few minutes after Cousins had packed up, a thumping was heard from the basement - either Special Noise likes their sound subterranean, or it was a cunning ploy to avoid any noise bylaw violations. I wasn't quite in the mood for angular destructo-rock, and JS's vocals were a little hard to hear from where I was standing - still pretty cool. You may not be able to tell from this blue-toned photo but Cousins drummer Andy March sat in to kick up the percussion a notch. Though they're now based in Montreal, they come from Halifax originally - thus the Youth Club and Cousins connection.

Special Noise at 443 Kent Street
Special Noise, 443 Kent Street, September 11, 2009

There was some chit chat about a possible fourth performance from Crazy Ocean, but it sounded so iffy I decided to head home.
  • Show reminder: Big Jeezus Truck rocks the Dominion Tavern; The Flats perform at Irene's; there's reggae at the Elmdale House with Terry Gillespie. Beware! The Leopard! and Kris Ward's latest outfit Right By Midnight perform at the Avant-Garde.

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Padraic said...

I lived at 443 Kent for three years - kind of weird to see it is now a concert venue!