Tuesday, May 07, 2013


Olympia's Gun Outfit are touring behind their new album, Hard Coming Down. The quartet came a long way (albeit with plenty of stops en route) to play for a small crowd at Zaphod's Monday night. Yes they dared a Monday show during NHL playoffs. The crowd, as you'd guess, was sparse. Organ Eyes filled out the opening slot, and were an ideal choice.

It's only been a week since I saw Sam, Cameron and Cory opening for Colleen Green at Pressed; they've been keeping busy. Cameron jumps about, Cory hits!

Organ Eyes at Zaphod's

Both bands have a certain thrumming sound, along with shared male and female vocals.

Organ Eyes at Zaphod's

On to Gun Outfit, who have been compared to The Meat Puppets and Dinosaur Jr. I can certainly hear the first; I don't quite get the second. I'd add they have some of Scrawl and Come's world-weariness. They're definitely a Sunday morning sort of band.

Carrie Keith writes songs, plays guitar and sings lead on some of the songs; bassist Anton Seder is at right.

Gun Outfit at Zaphod's

Dylan Sharp also sings lead, writes songs and plays guitar. Lots of electric fingerpicking, I noticed. Also some 12-string action!

Gun Outfit at Zaphod's

I'd love to see them again - just not during the playoffs.

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