Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Ottawa Explosion, Day 5

The final day of Ottawa Explosion is a chance for everyone to see who didn't survive the previous four days. Fortunately I only felt half-dead by Sunday, and actually managed to drag myself out of bed to see some bands melt off the pounds.

When I arrived Average Times were just finishing their last song. You've got Tim Ostler, Todd Faux ... is that Stabatron from Hellbros? and a lady drummer I don't know (or was perhaps too blitzed to recognize).

Average Times at Club SAW
Average Times at Club SAW, June 17, 2012

New Swears is another new band I haven't seen before, but filled with folks from The Polymorphines and The Girlfriends/Rat Tales massive. Drums were abused, shoes were destroyed, misbehaviour was misbehaved ... as you'd expect from this collection of miscreants! They also had a strobe light going in broad daylight - so they're bad for the environment too!

New Swears at Club SAW
New Swears at Club SAW, June 17, 2012

Roberta Bondar also performed a tight set. My brain was no longer working at this point, which is why I forgot to get a copy of their new tape from them.

Roberta Bondar at Club SAW
Roberta Bondar at Club SAW, June 17, 2012

Montreal's Solids (no "The", thank you!) are a hard-hitting duo with a loud fuzz sound that made me think a bit of a two-man Dinosaur Jr. at their droniest.

Solids at Club SAW
Solids at Club SAW, June 17, 2012

While that was going on, New Swears were causing havoc, or maybe having group sex.

New Swears fooling around
New Swears fooling around at Club SAW, June 17, 2012

Then I went over to the grass for a quick nap. While I was reclining, the couple near me were watching what the News Swears guys were up to and giving a play-by-play ("They tried to stand on each other's shoulders ... they just fell over.") - but soon enough it was time to arise and watch Owen from Party Knives beat up vegetables and run around shirtless.

Party Knives at Club SAW
Party Knives at Club SAW, June 17, 2012

See all the survivors next year!
  • Show reminder: Sadia Afreen, Sad Guru, Static Revolt and Funk Jammersters 2012 perform at The Rainbow.

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