Saturday, June 09, 2012

Luters will be shot

On to March 22, and a last-minute show at the M4rcury Lounge. I have a fondness for such acoustic fret-wizards as Ben Chasney (a.k.a. Six Organs of Admittance), Jack Rose and their ilk - a category into which Jozef Van Wissem falls, though his instrument of choice is one whose form was cemented around the 17th century, the baroque 13-course lute. As mentioned earlier, one of the few local performers that leap to mind in the same vein, and here he is, Nathan Larochette of Musk Ox, who finagled himself onto the bill at the last moment.

Musk Ox at Mercury Lounge

On to Van Wissem's tourmate, Bobbie Lee. I can see him playing with some of Ottawa's more experimental - dare I say Bruised Tongueian? - acts if he ever returns to Bytown.

Robbie Lee at Mercury Lounge

There was a heavy electronic component to his work.

Robbie Lee at Mercury Lounge

Here he is performing with Van Wissem for a tune.

Jozef Van Wissem and Robbie Lee at Mercury Lounge

And I already used both Van Wissem photos in the post-show roundup, so that's it! Last I heard, Nathan was over in Europe coping with broking instruments. Musk Ox will also be playing a few dates with Agalloch this summer.

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