Friday, June 15, 2012

Ottawa Explosion 2012, Day 2

Once again, it's time for Ottawa to explode! Last year, things were put together a bit hastily; this year the minds behind the Ottawa Explosion had a bit for opportunity, and things are a bit more expansive. For one thing, the festival is five days this year. I missed the Wednesday (a show by The Men, Metz and Pregnancy Scares at Club SAW), but no I have a few days off work so I can check out the action ... assuming I survive until Sunday. Last night was a doubleheader, starting off with some shows at Club SAW.

First up, Ian Manhire's new band. Billed as Gary Voicemail and The Touchtoones, apparently they're cutting it down to just Voicemail. Here they are jamming on a song pre-show. Apart from Ian and Todd (of Sweet Janes et al.), there's Mother's Children Ken and Mike on guitar and drums.

Voicemail soundcheck at Club Saw
Voicemail at Club SAW, June 14, 2012

Also on the scene, Dirty Donny, touching up the design he did for the Ottawa Explosion on one of the T-shirts.

Dirty Donny at Club SAW
Dirty Donny at Club SAW, June 14, 2012

Following Voicemail's actual set, The Nymphets took over with their adorable yet jittery sound. There was much tussling between Jared and his microphone stand.

Nymphets at Club SAW
The Nymphets at Club SAW, June 14, 2012

Le Kid and Les Marinellis are a Montreal band, featuring a bunch of vets from that scene, including Breastfeeders and Walnut Kids.

Le Kid et Les Marinellis at Club SAW
Le Kid et Les Marinellis at Club SAW, June 14, 2012

The real audience rambunctiousness gets started with Big Dick's set. Lots of really loud noise, but strangely enough no Tutti Frutti cover.

Big Dick at Club SAW
Big Dick at Club SAW, June 14, 2012

Mother's Children wrapped things up with a hot set.

Mother's Children at Club SAW
Mother's Children at Club SAW, June 14, 2012

I zipped off home to dump some merch, then headed over to Babylon in time to catch Dead Weights. You could call this night "Bands influenced by Leatherface" (with the exception of Robots everywhere, who I arrived to late to see, and Low Culture). It was a really sharp-sounding performance.

Dead Weights at Babylon
Dead Weights at Babylon, June 14, 2012

Crusades really had the audience fire up for their set.

Crusades at Babylon
Crusades at Babylon, June 14, 2012

Low Culture came all the way from New Mexico to rock the Explosion (and parts of New York and Quebec with Iron Chic) - which they did quite adeptly.

Low Culture at Babylon
Low Culture at Babylon, June 14, 2012

Iron Chic - who play again today at Club Saw - finished the evening off with some audience singalongs.

Iron Chic at Babylon
Iron Chic at Babylon, June 14, 2012

There's more Ottawa Explosion going on today, at Club SAW, Mavericks and DeKcuf and Mugshots, the jail hostel bar.

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