Monday, September 06, 2010

Unknown country

I went off to the Rainbow last night to see Gatineau ethnic folk fusion combo Hoodlum and The Disco Vikings. One culd debate whether I saw either outfit. Hoodlum is apparently in the middle of a transformation into a different band. Singer-violinist Jan Lis has recruited a new band, with another violinist, a baritone mandolin player and a pair of percussionists, one of whom doubles on bass. A new name hasn't quite been settled on.  The new group reminds me a lot of Trad Gras Och Steinar and a bit of The Velvet Underground, the latter impression reinforced by a cover of All Tomorrow's Parties. There was also a version of Randy Newman's Baltimore.

At the Rainbow

As for Disco Vikings, they didn't appear at all. Hmm ....
  • Show reminder: Deformatory release their new CD at The Rainbow.

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