Saturday, September 18, 2010

Oh the humanity

The last time legendary Vancouver punk rockers The Subhumans came to town as part of their triumphant reunion tour, I missed out - can't recall if I was out of town or at work, but either way it was not to be. By good luck I had yesterday off, and by even better luck I bounced back from Thursday's encounter with food poisoning. As for last nights show, The Subhumans of course ruled, and the three openersoffered up three different takes of punk rock.

First up, crusty squad Whiskey Shits. The quartet features Will from Germ Attak on drums, so even if all else goes wrong they've got a terrific thumping to push them along. They've got a typical buzzy streetpunk sound and as their name would indicate have a few songs about drinking ...  "Two songs about drinking, followed by two songs about rioting, that's how we do it."

Whiskey Shits at Mavericks
Whiskey Shits at Mavericks, September 17, 2010

Next up were skatepunk combo Snatchback. They don't take much seriously, and started things off by razzing the crusties for their sartorial splendour. "They must spend hours in front of the mirror." This met with some grievance from the dancefloor, but really punk bands should make fun of one another more often. Snatchback played their stuff with the usual speed and jumping of the form.

Snatchback at Mavericks
Snatchback at Mavericks, September 17, 2010

How long has it been since I've seen fourstroke live? Well, last time was at the baby shower for frontman Ken Vermin's wife E-bomb of the Bella Bombs ... at this show he mentioned said child is now three and has a propensity for knock-knock jokes. They have a new-to-me bassist Mike Trash and their other Mike Marauder was off somewhere else, leaving them a foursome for now. They had the crowd really revved up.

fourstroke at Mavericks
fourstroke at Mavericks, September 17, 2010

Finally, the mighty Subhumans came on stage to wow the crowd with such classics as Firing Squad, Slave To My Dick, the immortal Fuck You, Death to The Sickoids and a bunch of new stuff that sounded just as solid.

Subhumans at Mavericks
Subhumans at Mavericks, September 17, 2010

Definitely an evening of quality entertainment.

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