Wednesday, June 02, 2010

What a mess

So I biked home, dropped my stuff odd at my apartment, ate a cookie, grabbed my camera gear, went over to Babylon, took a few photos of Sydney, Nova Scotia's Mess Folk as they played the last three songs of their set, bought both their singles because I like that slow warped psych stuff, bought a ticket to see The Blind Shake show at Nine on Sunday, went home, downloaded the photos to my computer, uploaded the photos to Flickr, posted the photo on my blog ...

Mess Folk at Babylon
Mess Folk at Babylon, June 1, 2010

... added some show reminder stuff, brushed my teeth (and flossed) and went to bed.
  • Show reminder: The Red Giants, Ornaments and Those Gulls play The Rainbow; Fantastic Flow, Carshae Bells and Grand Motel perform at Zaphod's; Brandon Agnew, Ray Harris, Lefty McRighty and Chris Landrey drop in at the Elmdale House songwriter's circle. River City Junction is at the Avant-Garde Bar.

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