Monday, June 07, 2010

High energy

The Blind Shake was the big surprise of Grand Trine's headlining gig at Babylon a while back. They were unknown to almost all and put on a powerhouse show. They're on a little tour with The Birthday Suits, and came through town on the same day as White Lung. All this added up to a show at Nine with local yellers Pregnancy Scares. Unfortunately the crowd wasn't huge, but it was a Sunday with a Stanley Cup game one, so one can only expect so many.

Pregnancy Scares are a loud'n'shouty, breakneck hardcore combo composed of well-known local performers Emmanuel Sayer (Sedatives, last Communion), Craig from Fucked Corpse and Bruised Tongue, noted local photographer David Forcier and the inevitable Davey Quesnelle.

Pregnancy Scares at Nine
Pregnancy Scares at Nine, June 6, 2010

They were followed by Vancouver's White Lung, three gals and a guy who play in a somewhat more riffy hardcore style.

White Lung at Nine
White Lung at Nine, June 6, 2010

The Birthday Suits reminded me of The Famines - a guitar and drums duo with a lot of running about and jumping. They have some of that frenetic energy I associate with Japanese bands like Electric Eel Shock and The Zoobombs.

The Birthday Suits at Nine
The Birthday Suits at Nine, June 6, 2010

The Blind Shake once again killed it with their highly rhythmic fuzzed out tunes.

The Blind Shake at Nine
The Blind Shake at Nine, June 6, 2010

Of course, in just a few days Pregnancy Scares will be back at Nine for the opening night of Gaga Weekend ... I'm willing to bet it will be a little busier.
  • Show reminder: Living With Lions, Sights And Sounds, Avendale and Hamilton are at Cafe Dekcuf. The Grass perform at Zaphod's - they'll be doing a Monday show all through the month, this time with The Mudplots and Mike and The Valentines. Liturgy of War, Mubarak and 8-Track Heroes are at The Rainbow.

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