Saturday, April 12, 2014

Need for sleep

So Saturday night I went over to Gabba Hey to check out some touring East Coasters and grab a Hot Dogs 7-inch from Pierre's wee shop. You might be thinking "Isn't today Saturday?" Yes, you read right - this post is a week late due to school and studying and wanting to keep regular hours. The main draw was The Yips, who have a new tape out on Bruised Tongue, but I had to go early (and by early, I mean around 1 a.m.).

Let's start with the surfin' sounds of The Legato Vipers, who brought switchblade combs and whiskey flasks for their merch table.

Let's just say their music is more 1960s than 1984 ....

Leather jackets for everyone!

And so on ...

On to the swell sounds of Nap Eyes, who really impressed. And yes, that is Monomyth guitarist John Salter on bass. He pulled a doubleheader, as did Seamus Dalton, who drums for the Eyes.

Nigel Chapman does the songwriting ... there's something a bit Postcard-Orange Juice about their sound.

Seamus hits!

Guitar with Brad Loughead!

Bassist-stroking action!

Back to back action!

On to Monomyth, who seem to be doing an excellent job carrying the torch from Elevator to Hell.

Seamus sings!

Singalong action!

Microphone-sharing action!

Feedback ation!

The crowd goes wild! And falls over!

Then it was time for me to head home for bed ... I'll have to catch The Yips another day.

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