Sunday, April 13, 2014

Just the facts, ma'am

It's been quite a while since I climbed the stairs to Cafe DeKcuf - the last Ottawa Explosion, perhaps? - but I decided it was a good time to finally get to see local grindcore champs Fuck The Facts, after many years of trying and failing to get our schedules to align. Thus, I toddled off to Vertigo a ticket early in the day, and that night picked out a new pair of earplugs and set off.

First band on the bill was Sombre, playing their first set. It's a quartet featuring members of Monolith, two bands of which I know nothing.

Percussive action!

Jumping around!

Gripping action!

Sombre works the crowd!

On to NWOCTians World War 4. "Scream for me, Cornwall!"

Pointy guitar action!

Leigh hits!

Gripping action!

Michael works the low end.

Shirtless action!

Pushy action!

The end!

Fuck the Facts wrapped things up nicely with some raging core.

Bass-lifting action!

It was not quite like Topon's ambient set earlier this year at Pressed ...

Shredding action!

Factual action!

Bendy action!

Grinding action!

Bonus Topon!

And so on!

Well, that's one thing off the bucket list.

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