Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Megan at the Mercury

Several months ago now local cabaret-lounge-popper and zombie movie participant Sacha Gabriel invited me to go and see her act, My Tiny Circus. So I did! Opening at the Mercury Lounge was accordionist Megan Jerome.

Megan and her backdrop. I seem to recall a show with Neil Halstead where you had a clear view through the  window behind .... oh well!

Megan Jerome at Mercury Lounge

Megan squeezes.

Megan Jerome at Mercury Lounge

And, um, that's it. A few largely similar snaps can be viewed on my Flickr account.
  • Show reminder: Marcas Carcas and Riot Police perform at the Basement Artists' show at Zaphod's; Straight-Up are at the Rainbow.

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