Monday, June 20, 2011

Garage days revisited

With Friday done and gone, the only thing left to do is to steel oneself for Saturday. Organizer Emmanuel Sayer got himself out of bed at 9:30 after a late night, and managed to see all the shows Saturday. I'm old and tired, so the best I could manage was to rise at noon and continue my Gaga Weekend tradition of missing the first act at the matinee at Yogi's Meatlocker.

When I arrived Finders Keepers were holding forth in the rehearsal room. This is another band in the Centretown Cripplers/Allrights/Johnnies/Mnemonics family of bands, being a trio of the Cooks, Chris and Devin, and Jon Kiely, and featuring much of the shouty energy and crazed guitar of those outfits.

Finders Keepers at Yogi's Meatlocker
Finders Keepers at Yogi's Meatlocker, June 18, 2011

With that done I went out in the yard to see who was around ... Mandie "Aunti" Loo (formerly of Pianosaurus Rex) was their with a bunch of her treats.

Auntie Loo at Yogi's Meatlocker
Auntie Loo at Yogi's Meatlocker, June 18, 2011

Of course Yogi and company were there keeping the folks fed with bargain-priced barbecue.

Serving up the eats at Yogi's Meatlocker
Yogi at the barbecue at Yogi's Meatlocker, June 18, 2011

Julia of Tokyosexwhale, selling a fine selection of Ottawa Explosion merchandise and various band goodies.

The Ottawa Explosion
Julia selling merch at Yogi's Meatlocker, June 18, 2011

Back inside, mysterious trio Crosss. They played at Capital Rehearsal Studios in April and I'm no closer to finding out who they are. There was a different drummer and bassist this time around but they still sound like a combination of Modern Lovers and the freakiest edge of the Acid Archives book.

Crosss at Yogi's Meatlocker
Crosss at Yogi's Meatlocker, June 18, 2011

They were followed by The Friendly Dimension, who are pals, or associates or something. Their bassist Rob played for Crosss this show, and with both bands being from Halifax a connection is quite understandable. As for the music, since I love weird, blown out psychedelia, deadpan vocals and garage rock Friendly Dimension is just about my dream band.

Friendly Dimension at Yogi's Meatlocker
The Friendly Dimension at Yogi's Meatlocker, June 18, 2011

Back to the small room for a monster set by The Shakey Aches, who really kicked it out. They have another guitarist in Richard Jeffrey of The Halfmilers, Golden Famile and Monohum and Tricky Woo man Eric Larock on bass. Thank goodness for my fisheye, because the room was not really designed to fit two dozen people and a band in.

The Shakey Aches at Yogi's Meatlocker
Shakey Aches at Yogi's Meatlocker, June 18, 2011

Back in the main room, a hard-charging set from Crusades. "I hope you don't think me les evil for having forgotten to wear a black shirt," said Emmanuel.

Crusades at Yogi's Meatlocker
Crusades at Yogi's Meatlocker, June 18, 2011

They were quickly followed by francophone D-beaters Asile, who as you can see were enjoyed by fans of all ages ...

Asile at Yogi's Meatlocker
Jo and son at Yogi's Meatlocker, June 18, 2011

Just like their show opening up for Ken Mode, they were a super knockout punch of Motorhead-loving punk rock.

Asile at Yogi's Meatlocker
Asile at Yogi's Meatlocker, June 18, 2011

I went outside to grab a hotdog, missing out the first bit of Germ Attak's set, including what sounded like a cover of Girlschool's Emergency (though like most folks, I imagine, I heard it first by Motorhead). Anyway, back in to see the final half of their always ferocious punk rock. Like the Shakey Aches and Crosss, they have a new (to me) bassist in Rick, who was with them for their last tour.

Germ Attak at Yogi's Meatlocker
Germ Attak at Yogi's Meatlocker, June 18, 2011

Let us pause now to praise Max (as Emmanuel did) for her boss soundwork over the Ottawa Explosion weekend (also Justin Gobeil and Paul Hogan, that I know of but forgot to photograph).

Max on sound at Ottawa Explosion
Max at Yogi's Meatlocker, June 18, 2011

This time last year when I saw The Zebrassieres at Ritual there was some announcement of a breakup. Since then they've kept busy, I guess, and they were back in action for a big crowd.

Zebrassieres at Yogi's Meatlocker
Zebrassieres at Yogi's Meatlocker, June 18, 2011

Jo takes a stand for auditory peace!

Zebrassieres at Yogi's Meatlocker
Jo at Yogi's Meatlocker, June 18, 2011

I'd heard that Red Mass were stuck on the highway to Montreal, and elected to head off to Birdman Sound to catch the live music there ... halfway over the Isabella St. Bridge I realized that Strange Attractor were supposed to be playing, so I zipped back to catch them play their amped up spirit of '76 punk rock.

Strange Attractors at Yogi's Meatlocker
Strange Attractor at Yogi's Meatlocker, June 18, 2011

The bad news is that by now the persistent racket had attracted the attention of Ottawa's noise bylaw enforcers.

Bylaw at Ottawa Explosion
Bylaw at Yogi's Meatlocker, June 18, 2011 

Fortunately there was only one act left: Bad Sports played an impromptu set to fill in for Red Mass using some borrowed gear.

Bad Sports at Yogi's Meatlocker
Bad Sports at Yogi's Meatlocker, June 18, 2011

Then it was off to Birdman Sound ....

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