Saturday, January 15, 2011

Chills and thrills

If you wanted proof that nippy weather doesn't stop people from going to shows, you wanted to be at Cafe DeKcuf last night where a heft crowd turned out to see Dead Weights, Toronto's Permanent Bastards, Hamilton and The Mnemonics. All four bands seem to like the guitars squalling, so it was a good fit all round.

First up, Dead Weights. They feature various members of I Refuse, Wooka Tribe and acoustic punk rocker Jon Creeden. I only caught the last song but I detect a definite Jawbreaker influence (and not for the last time last night).

Dead Weights at Cafe DeKcuf
Dead Weights at Cafe DeKcuf, January 14, 2011

Next up were Toronto's Permanent Bastards, or at least three-quarters of them. Their bassist took a powder a couple of days ago, forcing them to recruit Chris from The Flatliners so they could bring their Drive Like Jehu-meets-Bruce Springsteen tunes to town, along with a cover of Hot Snakes Braintrust.

Permanent Bastards at Cafe DeKcuf
Permanent Bastards at Cafe DeKcuf, January 14, 2011

Hamilton also played a killer set. The band features veterans of Antennas, Alaskan and New Teeth, among others. They certainly zipped through it. I doubt any of the songs clock in over two minutes.

Hamilton at Cafe DeKcuf
Hamilton at Cafe DeKcuf, January 14, 2011

The least noisy band of the evening was The Mnemonics - and that's saying something, considering the band's three guitar attack.

The Mnemonics at Cafe DeKcuf
The Mnemonics at Cafe DeKcuf, January 14, 2011

A great show, though I'm really jonesing for the return of my still defunct flash.

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