Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Stacked bill

I had a very busy weekend of non-musical activity, so this post, from a show at Black Squirrel Books, is even later than usual. Trails, Her Harbour and Merival put on some acoustic solo sets (at least, I assume Trails did, because the show started earlier than I expected and I missed her). The bookstore busted the chairs out for this one, and it was definitely one of the quietest performances I've seen. Here's Her Harbour, performing songs new and old. I've seen Gabrielle Giguere play before at Mugshots solo, and at the Elmdale with some of her e-tron colleagues; she's always a magnetic performer

Her Harbour at Black Squirrel Books

And here's Merival, a.k.a. Anna Horvath, enjoying books and the smell of coffee.

Merival at Black Squirrel Books

Anna sings!

Merival at Black Squirrel Books

More Anna and books!

Merival at Black Squirrel Books

A very pleasant evening.

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