Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Kill, kill, kill!

The Immortal Lee County Killers are now in incarnation No. 3, with the band now sporting an organist, the Rev. John Wesley Mars (Jeff Goodwin), Chet Weise and Toko the Drifter. Their scrappy electric blues is a tad less feral than I remember from their last show at the Dominion (before I was taking photos ... these guys should visit more often), but it still had a lot of bite. And they also had a lightshow this time, which my flash-abetted pictures totally fail to convey. Oh well. The pictures :

Weise is bathed in the blue glow of the light show.

Toko doesn't need to see his drums to hit them.

The new guy, Jeff Goodwin on organ. Yes, it's had to see what he looks like with all that way ... just imagine Dave Martindale with darker hair and you'll get the idea ... he even has the same mustache!

Toko makes a heartfelt plea for alcohol.

Toko and Weise.

No group photo because of that darn post (I second The Double Pumpers' idea to get an I-beam into Irene's to replace all those @#$! posts!) ... but I do have a rock jump photo!

A great show, and a pretty good turnout for a Sunday night.


Anonymous said...

Excellent show. I think the best of 2005.

On Fat Possum website it says:
Blackfire Revelation
9/23/05 (Fri) Ottawa Ontario Canada Babylon
Never heard of them but FAT POSSUM!

A.C. said...

I have their EP; it's really good - yet another show I want to see that I'll be out of town for!