Wednesday, April 06, 2005

None more black

Since a bunch of brain-churning psych wizards are going to be playing tonight at Babylon, here are some pictures of the brain-churning psych wizards who played there on Monday. Black Mountain put on a wicked synapse-twisting show of their heartbreak moan meets Sabbath dirge modern music.

Stephen McBean lays down the guitar mojo. His tone was awesome.

Stephen and Amber Webber. Everyone in the band sings, which is a major plus for any group.

Amber keeps her eye on the gourd.

Matt Camirand. When I saw him on stage, my first thought was "I recognize those tattoos ... that guy was in the Black Halos!" Seems like a dog's age since they played at Lucky Ron's (or was it the Hi-Fi then?) with the Murder City Devils. He's a local guy: "I have family here tonight ..."

Joshua Wells drums, sings, plays some organ, modulates some frequencies. Sometimes all at once.

The gang's all here! Well, four-fifths of the gang, anyway. Jeremy Schmidt had to stay home, I guess.

All that mind melting goodness brings me too ...
  • Show reminders: Gris Gris with the Golden Famile at Babylon. It's a CD release show for the Famile, and Greg Ashley of GG is a Texas-California psych genius, so go see 'em, damn it! If that isn't to your fancy (freak), there's also the eminently entertaining Elliott Brood at Irene's Pub with The Acorn. Also: Raising the Fawn and A Northern Chorus are playing at Zaphod's; Damon and Naomi were supposed to be on the bill, but seem to have slipped off (I could be wrong).
Sigh. Well, Gris Gris came all the way from Oakland, CA, so that's where I'll be ... but I'll travel over the city - in spirit, y'know.
  • Good2Go, in addition to playing April 22 at Zaphod's with The Tradeoff, will be doing a show May 7 with The G-Men, four-stroke and The Bella Bombs at Irene's Pub. The G-Men have some Armed and Hammered guys in them. The BBs say they'll be announcing their new drummer "any day now", so perhaps this will be her (I'm guessing) debut. But wait! There's more! G2G also have shows at the Rainbow Bistro May 14, and will return to Irene's June 4.

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