Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Music city

Sybris, as everyone who has heard about them should know by now, are named after the city of Sybaris, the burg that gave us the word sybarites. Despite that, I can't detect any themes of shameless hedonism in their music. Like a lot of popular current acts (Interpol, The Organ, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, etc.) they have deep roots in 80s indie rock. There's some shoegazing welded to a driving rhythm section and guitar scree in the vein of Sonic Youth and My Bloody Valentine.

Angela Mullenhour was super-active on stage (as you'll see from the following pictures) and also has a passionate voice that goes easily from coo to howl.

Guitarist Phil Naumann works the feedback.

Most of their 2005 album was recorded with drummer Bill Bumgardner; this is new guy Eric Mahle.

I tried to get a good solo picture of bassist Shawn Podgurski; this pic with Mullenhour was the best I can do.

Rock action!

More twisting ...

Yet more twisting ...

And some bonus head-tossing action.

The final feedback workout.

And all together.

A very entertaining set, and they had a tough act to follow in Anathallo.


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