Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Hare apparent

The Diableros put on a fantastic show at Zaphod's Jan. 7. Even better, there was a good-sized audience (in the 80-100 range) to see them, despite some very chilly weather. I knew a little of what to expect, having seen them put on a good set of eighties-influenced rock (a la Smiths, Chameleons, Jesus and Mary Chain, Echo and the Bunnymen) at Irene's last April, but they were louder and sharper this time around by a discernible degree. They also covered The Wipers' Telepathic Love (off the Alien Boy EP) ... they treated it a little roughly, but it shows good taste.

Pete Carmichael in the stage lights.

Phoebe Lee behind the drum kit; unfortunately it's a better picture of the kit than of Lee.

Organist Matt Rubba and bassist Gary Leggett dig the black.

Guitarist Ian Jackson swoops and sways.

Devilish rock action! (And in a bigger version, since I kind of like it; and Carmichael's swell 12-string Vox.)

Jackson finally finds a use for that @#$! Zaphod's post.

I foolishly neglected to buy their new solo debut, You Can't Break the Strings in Our Olympic Hearts.
  • Show reminder: Jon Bartlett of Rhume, Steve Lambke of the Constantines and Jessie Stein of SS Cardiacs perform at the Rochester Pub.

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