Tuesday, January 10, 2006

The marrying kind

Once upon a time there was band called The Hitmakers. The band is still there, but it's been redubbed The Young Husbands. They opened for Toronto's Diableros Jan. 7, and played a very tight set of roots rock. I thought I heard some melodic similarities to The Nils. All through their entertaining set I was flexing my memory in an attempt to think of just who they reminded me. Only when I started typing did the name surface: The far more shambolic Suntanama have an eerily similar-sounding vocalist, and a similar sound welded to a more laidback groove.

Milks - who I note is one of the elite (?!?) fraternity of Mann guitar owners, like myself and the lead singer of Hacksaw.

Guitarist Joe Macdonald rocks the corduroy.

Sharply dressed bassist Stew Trew.

Grimacing drummer Simon Doyle.

Nuptial rock action! (Also here.)

Singalong action!

I also took an "all together" picture, but it's rather dull.

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