Sunday, February 27, 2005

Star time

Wooden Stars were heavyweights in Ottawa's indie rock scene, and a collaboration with Julie Doiron of Eric's Trip brought them wider acclaim, if not exactly fame. (Incidentally, Rick White of Elevator, whom I posted about earlier was also a member.)
Mike Feurerstack, the Wooden Stars' prime mover, transferred his attentions to Snailhouse, another musical project of his, then moved to Montreal, so there wasn't much Star activity on Ottawa's music scene until Feb. 19, when they put on a show with The Hi Lo Trons. The Trons, as is their nature, all wore black band T-shirts, while the Stars came all in white.

First, a few Hi Lo Trons pictures ... "the band that sings together ... can't think of a word that rhyme for 'sings'" - it's post-modern ironic free verse.

And now the Wooden Stars. I heard Feurerstack joke at a Snailhouse show that his new album was going to be named "'Slippery When Wet' ... after my forehead" at a show once. What a funny guy.

And here's sparkly clean Julien Bellard (on guitar) and bassist Josh Latour. Extra points to Julien for springing for white shoes as well.

Lastly we have Andy McCormack on drums.

The Wooden Stars aren't really my bag, but they definitely wowed the audience. I might have enjoyed it more if the show hadn't started, and gone on, so late.
They're obviously very serious about this reunion, as they're playing with Stars, The Organ, and Montag April 18 at Barrymore's. Feurerstack's other band, Snailhouse, are playing at Mavericks March 11 with The Sea Snakes and The Soiree, if you can't bear to wait so long for more forehead jokes.

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