Thursday, February 24, 2005

The Dangers of Marxism

Two bands have held my photographic skills in sufficient esteem to ask me around especially to snap a few pictures: The Million Dollar Marxists and Harshey. Boy, was that a mistake.
In Harshey's case I went to their practice space and snapped few pictures while they lounged on the couch and practiced. I may post them some time, but only after I've had a few stiff drinks.
As for the pictures of the Marxists, taken at the release party for their CD on Gearhead Records at Babylon, Sept. 18, 2004: They rocked out as they always do, but someone spilled their beer on my camera just before their headlining stint; someone rearranged Babylon's lighting and molested the disco ball; the audience was rambunctious, thus:
  • 79% of the pictures were out of focus;
  • 13% of the pictures featured bassist Johnny Genome drinking, bleeding, or both;
  • 64% of the pictures featured singer Luke on top of sound equipment/gear/another band member;
  • 23% of the pictures featured drummer Tommy attempting to play while Luke was standing on him;
  • 2% of the pictures featured guitarist Steve. I would have taken more, but there was a big scary audience between me and him.
Anyway, here are the pictures:

The Marxists are playing with The Turbo ACs ("and more," says at Babylon April 10.

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