Friday, August 08, 2008

C'est noir

Yesterday was my birthday, so I treated myself to some doomy, gloomy francophone metal of the black variety. John Darnielle of The Mountain Goats implored me (and everyone else who read his blog) to go, and so I did. Peste Noir have enough of a cult to attract about 50 people to the New Bayou for an early Wednesday show. First band on stage was Quebec's Sombres Forets.

Sombre Forets, The New Bayou, August 7, 2008

They've got the masks, they wear hoods (the bassist even had the full length robe deal) and played moody metal with echoey howling vocals. Pretty good.
They were followed by Akitsa who, like Peste Noir have a no-photographs policy. Presumably they dissolve into black ash if exposed to too much light. So instead of photos, I'm going to mock them in cartoon form. Unfortunately, I last drew regularly back in 1995 and have since changed into James Thurber.

Here we have Akitsa's kead singer, moodily gripping the microphone in both hands while the drummer makes the sign of the upside-down cross with his drumsticks.

Here's there guitarist and drummer, muscled bald guy and slim bald guy. Both went with the black jeans, black T-shirt, black shoes look.

They played straight-ahead riffs and didn't move around much - I'm not sure the guitarist moved his feet at all during the whole set. The singer provided most of the action and ran off stage during the last song. Then he came back to wave goodbye.
Peste Noir were a lot better and generated some serious moshing late in the show. Here's another goofy drawing of the band's two singer-guitarists ... or maybe that should be screamer-guitarists. The bald one had a spiked collar.

That was fun, even if I did feel a bit out of place being about the only guy without a black T-shirt.


Chris said...

That was awesome - I think for now on the post preview show be drawn and then the full post should be the real pictures.

A.C. said...

Thanks ... I was actually going to go into further artistic detail, but started to feel sick, so I left it at three pictures, took some Aspirin and went to bed.